Rambutan Fact Sheet

Rambutan Fruit Facts

Peeled Rambutan Fruit

What is it?

The rambutan fruit is one of the most exotic fruits in the world. It is native to Malaysia but is commonly cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. The fruit is oval-shaped and approximately 1 - 2 inches long. It has a thin, leathery rind covered with multiple tubercles which look like spines with a curve at the tip. The fruit's exterior skin varies from greenish-yellow to orange or crimson. Visually, the fruit resembles a tiny sea urchin. Inside, the juicy flesh is usually white or rose-tinted and adheres to an ovoid seed.

Rambutan Fruit Tree

What is so good about it?

The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. Product developers looking for novel ideas may be interested in this versatile ingredient.The flavor of a rambutan is sweet ,more acidic than the lychee, and very aromatic. The flavor can be described as a cross between lychee, mangosteen and kiwi.

How to use it

Rambutan possesses a pleasant sweet taste. It may be readily incorporated into smoothies, 100% juice applications, ice-cream, sorbets, jams and jellies, yogurts and many others. Imagine exotic culinary applications like rambutan soup, rambutan ice cream, rambutan with smoked meat, rambutan seafood salad, rambutan sauces made along with red curry paste and coconut cream, rambutan chutney and rambutan salsa combined with other tropical fruits and vegetables.

Rambutan Fruit

What iTi offers

Rambutan Puree from Thailand is processed from good quality rambutan fruit pulp, which is sorted, washed, and peeled. The puree is processed under good manufacturing practices and is free of any additives or preservatives. The Thai manufacturing facility is Kosher certified and the product is manufactured under a certified quality control system (ISO 9001:2000) and HACCP regulations. Frozen rambutan puree is packed in 40 lb pails.

Rambutan on the Branch

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