Camu Camu Fact Sheet

Camu Camu Fruit Facts

What is it?

Camu camu drink Camu camu is a bush which grows wild along the flood plains of the Amazon basin and is extremely flood tolerant. The fruit is a small round berry approximately 20 millimeters in diameter. It has a purplish red skin with white to off white pulp and 1 to 2 seeds.

What is so good about it?

Camu camu is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Its flavor is a cross between a lemon, orange, and berries. It is very tart and acidic. It is never consumed fresh in its native regions due to its high acidity. It blends well with other juices including orange, banana, mango, and coconut water. It can be used a natural source of vitamin C in food and beverage formulations.

Camu camu drink

How to use it

Camu camu can be incorporated in juice blends, nectars, smoothies, cocktails, salad dressings, ice creams, vinaigrettes, and sorbets. It has also been used in the commercial production of Vitamin C. Imagine drizzling the camu camu vinaigrette on top of your salad, having a shot of vitamin C from a camu camu orange-ade in the early morning, or enjoying a refreshing camu camu sorbet.

What iTi offers

iTi supplies frozen camu camu puree from Peru. Camu camu puree is prepared from carefully selected berries which are analyzed for color, appearance, and flavor. Premium quality berries are washed, blanched, deseeded and the extracted pulp is pasteurized, and frozen. The product is Kosher certified and manufactured under a certified quality system.

Camu camu fruit in a bowl

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